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Steve Rodman

From making custom furniture to a 31 year career as a locomotive engineer on the CSX Railroad to the Rodman Business Center, Steve has a knack for creativity and helping his fellow man. The Band: “Rodman Wait Palmer and Hoaks” is one of his joys along with his wife and children. You can find him producing shows to bring together all kinds of folks, bringing about change and awareness for a better world. It is the unseen and intangibles that he cherishes and looks to share with his neighbors every day. Steve paid attention on the playground as a child, to aid and learn how to make people laugh, love and cry for all the right reasons.

Music has been a large part of Steve’s life. Steve has developed his style, drive and love of music based on the inspiration of Dan Fogelberg, John Denver and artists like them. He gladly accepts the responsibility to bring joy and music to touch people’s souls with open arms and an open heart. When Steve performs you can feel the emotion, his love of performing and can even hear a little bit of Dan and John singing with him.

“Giving is what life is all about and I want to be remembered for what I have given, shared and passed on by my actions. I want to be thought of as a good person, the greatest husband and father I could be. That is what matters to me the most.”


Todd Kester

Todd, a Danville native, began playing guitar at age 12. He started his musical career playing a talent show at North Ridge Middle school with his garage band. From there he started playing out in clubs at a young age with an organist named Bev Wolfe. He played in many bands after high school from Danville to Indianapolis. He landed a spot with Free Fare Band from Clearwater, Florida playing all over the U.S. and Canada. He then joined winners of "You Can Be a Star" band, Sky King, from Mattoon, Illinois, who traveled locally and in Alabama. Returning to Illinois, Todd started his own band, Q-Publik, with Rodman Rail's own Bryan Chrisman. After that Todd started playing solo Gospel Music. He has filled in with multiple local bands when available as well as a member of Rodman Rail. Todd has played with musical celebrities such as Kitty Wells, Kenny Arnoff, Dink Cook of Toby Keith's band, and has opened up for Georgia Satellites and John Prine. He has also performed Gospel Concerts with John Cox


Bryan Chrisman

Bryan Chrisman has been  playing music since he was 12 years old. He has  performed in many local bands and continues to be the drummer that all bands wished they had. 

He has worked for many national acts including Henry Lee Summers, Nathan Osmond and Dane Clark (John Mellencamp's drummer). He has been the drummer for "The Wright Brothers" for 15 years.

When playing with Rodman Rail, Bryan plays drums or bass.




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